1- Functionality

Can I have my auto attendant in different languages?


Can I have virtual number anywhere in the world? Is there a limit on numbers?

You can have a virtual number from any country where Nest operates (see the link HERE). There is no limit on numbers.


Does Nest’s softphone works in PC ?

Our softphone can work as downloaded app in smart phone (IOS or Android) or in any browser (WebRTC).

Is there any limit on Number of Lines or Extensions?

No. your PBX grows as your needs.

Is there any word quantity limit for the Auto Attendant or Waiting Message ?

60 words for each.

Would I be able to configure my PBX as I need?

Our support configures the basic functions according to your initial orientations and you can always make the changes according to your requests. However, you can access the settings of your PBX and customize as you wish.

2- Hiring & Finance

Can I keep more than one account with Nest?


Does Nest’s contract has a minimum period?

No. you keep the service if your are 100% satisfied.

How long does it take to activate my service?
  • Conference Service – Imediatly
  • Pbx Service – 72 hours
  • Virtual Numbers – 24 hours for non ported numbers and 7 to 15 days for porting numbers
  • Auto Attendant and Music on Hold – 2 days

Average time counted from the receipt of all requested informations and documentation.

If I choose to change my mind and leave Nest, will I be able to keep my number with my new carrier?

Yes. Just fill in the requesting form.

Is Nest a licensed carrier arround the world?

NEST is a regulated company in the United States. In all countries where we serve conference services we hold a commercial agreement with Licensed Partners by local telecommunications regulators. We dont use any kind of unlicensed routes.

3- Technology & Support

Am I going to have crystal clear quality calls always?

Nest makes every effort for its customers to have crystal clear calls. However, there is one single item that depends on our client that is your internet connection. Simply if you have a good quality link you will love our services like the thousands of our clients that we have around the world.

Am I going to need PBX maintainer?

Our technology is simple and our support meets your needs from A to Z. Most customers choose not to have PBX maintainer but some prefer to have it for greater comfort.

If I need assistance, can I talk to support by phone?

All our service is via ticket for better control. However, if the matter is delayed, our support will contact you by phone to expedite service.

My request was not met by support. What should I do?

Use our escalation list. Click HERE.

Out of business hours I will have no support?

Our support works uninterrupted to ensure the perfect operation of our network. If your request has an emergency character you will have immediate care. For less urgent requests, your service starts with the opening hours of the NOC.

What language Nest’s Support uses ?

Our primary language is English but our support natively serves in all languages you find in our web site.

4- Career & Partnership

Does Nest work with independent consultants?

Please fill out our partnership form. Click HERE.

I’m interested in working at Nest. Can I send my resume?

We are pleased to receive your resume. Click HERE .