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I want to try the conference service. Why I need to give my credit card details if it's a free trial?

When you purchase Neste Conference service you will get 7 days FREE TRIAL. If you want to cancel the service during this period you are free to do so and nothing will be charged to your credit card. If you decide to keep the service you dont need to do any thing.

How can I get complete documentation about Conference Service?

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop with Nest? Is my data protected?

Every data we collect from you is protected with trustable encryption key. We invest high amount every year to kkep our systems secured and all our customer data protected.

What exactly happens after ordering Conference service?

Our system will send you your access details (login/password) and you are ready to go. Access your customer area, create your conference room, invite your visitors and enjoy our top quality conference service. System will send you step by step to guide you.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

All our services are pre-paid. You find bill details in your customer area to verify or download if you need. We dont send these information by email.

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